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Too Far Gone

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother lately. October will mark six years that she’s been gone. She died of primary peritoneal cancer. Do you know what that is? Before her diagnosis, I’d never even heard of it. A … Continue reading

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Employers, You May Be Missing Out

Dear companies large and small, potential employers, HR delegates, etc., I feel the need to educate you on an important issue. I’ve learned over the years (the hard way) that many of you will not hire someone who does not … Continue reading

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Facing the Face-to-Face

For someone like me, whose primary means of communication with the world at large is the written word (social media, texting, email, blogging, messaging, etc.), it isn’t always easy to get out there, in person, and network. But when one … Continue reading

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An open letter on being open

My dear fellow human beings, In my 40-plus years living in coexistence with you here on Planet Earth, we’ve been through a lot of shit together. We’ve seen the rise and fall of nations and of dictators. We’ve seen acts of terror, … Continue reading

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History repeats

I’ve often wondered how it felt for my mother when I finally left home. The only daughter in our family, and the child of immigrants, I had grown up feeling a bit like a prisoner of my circumstances. My brothers, … Continue reading

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Twenty years (part one)

It’s still hard to believe so many years have passed since what began as a quiet, ordinary morning in Northridge, California. I’ve attempted to write about what happened in those hours several times over the years, without much luck, because … Continue reading

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Starting from scratch

My husband gave me a pep talk last night. I was having one of my meltdowns, and I have to give him credit where credit is due. He sat there and held my hand while I blubbered away, sniffling loudly, … Continue reading

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